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The world of addiction is not a pretty place

If you have ever suffered with some type of addiction and recovered from it, or if you have suffered alongside someone close to you that had an addiction, you are well aware of the fact that their world or your world was not a pretty place when that was going on. What so many individuals do not realize is that there are oftentimes psychological issues behind that addiction, such as depression or some other type of behavioral disorder.

Where most addiction treatment clinics are concerned today, many of them are only treating the physical aspects of the individual’s addiction and not the emotional or mental consequences that are always present. The Narconon Freedom Center addresses all three of the levels of addiction and is the most successful addiction treatment clinic in the US. Our success rate is 70% or higher with most of our clients, whereas other treatment and recovery facilities fail nearly 80% of the time where total rehab from addiction is concerned.

Addiction Treatment Clinic

Why our programs are so successful

The primary aspect of our addiction treatment clinic programs that separates us from all the other treatment and recovery programs out there is the fact that educating the client during their rehabilitation here at the Narconon Freedom Center plays a significant role. In order to reduce alcohol and drug use, we know that achieving greater results can only be accomplished by educating our clients. Additionally, the education factor helps to prevent the possibility of relapsing once a client has completed our programs.

So what do our clients learn while they are in residency at our addiction treatment clinic? When clients leave our programs they have learned how to:

* avoid harmful situations

* communicate more effectively with others

* confront and control adverse situations

* improve their problem-solving skills

* overcome the tendency to live in the past

* purge their bodies of all alcohol and/or drug residues

* restore there sense of ethics, integrity morals, and responsibility

* use the necessary tools for acquiring and retaining knowledge

We created and developed our addiction treatment clinic programs in order to help addicted individuals with their specific needs where treatment and recovery is concerned. The goal is for them to return to society as productive individuals and remain substance-free for life.

Additional considerations

The thing that you want to always remember is that you cannot force the addicted individual to admit that they have a problem and then seek out help for it. They will only help themselves if they truly realize there is a problem and then want to get help for it. If you would like to know more about our addiction treatment clinic here at the Narconon Freedom Center or have further questions, please feel free to contact us at the toll-free phone number listed above. Addiction Treatment Clinic

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Addiction Treatment Clinic


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Be Funny, Because That’s How Your Momma Raised You!}

Submitted by: Boyd Troublerr

If there is no reason to be funny in this life well then there is no reason to live. Humor is absolutely essential for life, love, and liberty. How does humor give you life?

Well studies have shown that to laugh is to live, literally. The more people laugh, no matter how it is produced, the healthier they are. Health was measured in these studies on both the psychosocial mental health sort of way AND the physiological basis on a biochemical level. People were shown to have more hope, to be more resilient in tough circumstances, and to have lower levels of stress the more they were able to laugh and see the humor in life. Now you might be saying to yourself well MAYBE they had more to laugh about with more hope in a better future. I mean what comes first they chicken or the egg? Good point! Except that they found that even the same person who was measured before and after artificially produced laughter and smiles–and they found the same result! So, if you want to be healthy then you’d better be funny too. Yeah, but how is humor essential for love?

You’ve heard the expression couples that play together stay together. Well once again people looked into this issue and tried to determine what about play made a relationship stronger. You’ll never guess what they found! That’s right it was actually couples that laugh together stay together. They found that the association between strength of relationship and play was really a function of how much laughter there was in the play. After all, usually you are having fun during play and therefore often are laughing. It makes sense doesn’t it? If you are healthier like we established in paragraph I (especially the mental part) than you are better suited to deal with all of the work that it takes to make a relationship strong. So really this follows a logical line. Ok, Ok, so how does liberty have anything to do with laughter. Are you saying that to be funny is to be free?

Yes! That is exactly what I am saying. This is more philosophical than scientific but intriguing none the less. Follow me here, if you cannot laugh at yourself than you are telling your self there is not freedom to make error. Don’t get me wrong errors are not good, especially if you are a surgeon or a fighter pilot. But there is something to be said for staying loose. If you have to be perfect in everything than you can never relax, and this is a bad thing when trying to avoid making the big mistakes. Think about it if you don’t have the freedom to be funny, than you don’t have the ability to relax, and you are going to make more mistakes under that pressure.

About the Author: Boyd Troublerr loves teaching others how to

be funny

because he knows what a difference it has made in his life. Do you want to

be funny

? Go to


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