Different Types Of Portable Oxygen

By Trevor Richards

Over the past decade there have been large strides taken in the technology used to make portable oxygen delivery systems. These improvements have meant that the various types of portable oxygen systems available have become a lot easier to carry arround and much more convenient to use. Even though these portable oxygen tanks are extremely safe to use, caution should always be exercised in the vicinity of oxygen tanks. The most obvious consideration would be to not allow anyone to smoke near an oxygen tank as a stray spark or ember could ignite the oxgen, causing facial burns. With the variety of oxygen supplies on the market it is not immediately obvious which one to purchase so here is a brief run down of the most common products.

Compressed oxygen which comes in cylinders is stored as a gas. The flow of this oxygen is controlled by a flow meter and a regulator which is attached to the tank. In order to inhale the oxygen, it flows through a lightweight 2 pronged tube called a nasal cannula. These oxygen tanks can vary in size depending on the amount of oxygen that is required by the user. You can purchase everything from a small portable cannister to larger cylinders which need to be pushed round on wheels. Oxygen cannisters must be well taken care of as it is important they are kept upright and handled carefully as the oxygen is stored under extreme pressure. The smaller, portable cannisters are not reusable and must be replaced when they are empty. This sort of oxygen delivery system is generally used by people who don’t need supplementary oxygen all the time, instead using it just for certain tasks.

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At very low temperatures oxygen will turn to a liquid and will change to a gas when warmed. The benefit of using a liquid oxygen delivery system is that it comprises of a large stationary unit from which 6-8lbs worth of portable cannisters can be filled. These types of portable cannisters are usually available with a shoulder strap so that they can be carried round. Larger cannisters can be wheeled around alongside the patient. The advantage of liquid oxygen is that it takes up much less space than compressed oxygen. It is for this reason that they are preferred by people who are more active.

An alternative form of oxygen delivery system is an oxygen concentrator. The are typically stationary units which run on electricity. The disadvantage of these is that they cannot be used to fill portable cylinders, however because they run on battery power they are extremely portable. Like compressed oxygen they come in different sizes and designs. Some will be the size of a backpack and can be wheeled around, others will be the size of a small flask and are extremely lightweight. This system works by extracting oxygen from the air and can deliver it in a purified form at a high flow rate. These are by far the easiest types of equipment to maintain as they require no refilling. The other benefit they have is that they are much cheaper than other types of oxygen delivery. If you are looking to travel by air then this would be the most sensible choice as they are accepted by most commercial airlines.

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27 February

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Get your regular dental check-ups done by Dr John Fagbemi


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A good set of teeth coupled with a confident smile can change peoples opinions about you. Everyone however is not born with a pretty smile which is why Dr John Fagbemi is your one-stop solution to dental problems. Be it a simple case of tooth ache or something serious, you can always depend on the specialist. You can get in touch with him by booking an appointment. If you wish for a perfect set of teeth, you can go for an experienced cosmetic dentist London like him.

A cosmetic dentist London carries out constructive procedures that improve the overall appearance of your teeth set. That means the colour, shape, size, position and alignment of the teeth gets better, giving you an improved appearance. By changing the alignment of your teeth, you can also change the appearance of your smile. A good dentist like Dr John Fagbemi will give tips to keep your teeth in good condition, especially if you are too fond of sweets and chocolates which are detrimental to the health of your gums and teeth.

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Dr John Fagbemi is one of the most famous and experienced dentists in the country, specialising in cosmetic dentistry. You can say that he is the perfect smile doctor. Not only does his treatments improve the health of your gums and teeth but he also ensures that your smile gets perfected with a few easy and painless dental procedures. His services include installing invisible braces and orthodontics. Dental implants, teeth whitening and smile makeovers are also a big part of his expertise. In case you are willing to improve your jaw-line, it is important to keep in mind that your whole mouth plays an important part there. A cosmetic dentist London like him will conducts operations to improve your jaw-line as well.

When you make an appointment with Dr John Fagbemi, the staff at the clinic will take you in for a consultation session first. In this session they check the overall condition of your teeth as well as the hidden signs of tooth decay and cavity. They also check your jaw-line and mouth because to make your smile look perfect, the shape of your mouth and the alignment of the jaw bones need to be improved as well. A cosmetic dentist London will also keep you informed about other processes like dental bonding. This process helps to cure and improve discoloured, chipped or cracked teeth. It is an easy and quick process and can be done in a single sitting. However, it does not compromise on the long-term effectiveness of the procedure.

Dr John Fagbemi, the famous cosmetic dentist London also guides you through a proper dental care regime. You can get a lot of tips from him on how to prevent tooth aging and take good care of your dentine. His services also include the using of porcelain veneers to make your teeth look young, white and healthy, at the same time adding more glamour to your smile. So, if you are having any trouble with your teeth, it is time you get an appointment with the good doctor.

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