Turn Your Pickup Truck Into A Camping Tent}

Submitted by: TruckGuy

Truck tents offer a great option over traditional tents in that they allow you to incorporate the bed of your truck into your shelter.

Depending on the model you choose, this may either provide easy access to your vehicles cargo area so you dont have to leave your tent to get to your things, or it may save space by allowing you to set up camp right in your pickups cargo box. My favorite is the Sportz Truck Tent because it is the only truck tent on the market with a patented sewn-in floor. It has a rear access window that I can get to my truck cab without leaving the tent to get supplies I may have in the front seat. That is everything when weather and/or a nocturnal critter makes you not want to leave the tent for awhile. This tent was designed so the edges of the tent slide over your pickup truck’s bed rails, preventing anything (including rain water) from sliding down into the bed of your truck. Some types of truck tents also feature adjustable awnings for additional coverage beyond the edge of your truck bed, for a picnic or sitting area before sleep .

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Beyond their functional advantages over ordinary tents, truck tents are just more fun. Not only are they a great camping accessory, theyre also perfect for escaping insects and snakes while keeping yourself high and dry out of the rain, whereas a tent could become flooded.and providing warmth on chilly nights. Theyre just as durable and water-resistant as a traditional tent, so you dont have to make any sacrifices for safety or comfort.

Many truck tents feature windows for ventilation and easy-to-open doors that shut securely. They also feature spacious interiors to give you head room to move about and sleep comfortably. Theyre also made to be strong and long-lasting with polyester and either fiberglass or steel poles. Keep in mind that some models may need seam sealants to lock out moisture along their seams for maximum water resistance.

Instructions included with your tent allow you to easily set up and remove your truck tent as needed. Most truck tents can be set up by one person, and theyre also easy to fold up and put away when not in use. Check the details on the specific tent youre looking to buy to check if theyre compatible with any other truck bed accessories you may have installed, such as bed liners or tool boxes. With minimal time and effort, you’ll be ready to enjoy your truck tent anywhere your adventures take you.

You’ll need to keep in mind certain things when you are considering which truck tent to purchase. Truck tents don’t work in pickups with roll bars or toolboxes or anything that goes over the top sides of the bed. Special truck bed air mattresses with wheel cut-outs are available so you don’t have to sleep on the ridges of the bed. Like most tents setting up becomes easier the second and third time you do it. The straps will be set to your truck. If your truck has a slider rear window, many tents have a large sleeve built into them to run 12 volt power cords to run lights or fans. Pack your tent clean and dry to prevent mold and for long product life.

Why not come on over to TruckWorldAccessories.com and take a look at our truck bed tents. Camping season is just about here so be prepared and enjoy the great outdoors.

About the Author: I am a NYS licensed Auto Damage Appraiser, CSE certified, I-Car Certified, and have worked in the automotive industry for decades. I’ve had the opportunity to teach auto body repair to misled kids in a classroom setting, giving them a chance to have a trade for a viable income. I found this very rewarding. Previously, I was all about the American muscle cars of the 60’s. Now, I find pickup trucks and the way they have evolved to be my fascination and focus.



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12 May

Learning About Automotive Technology

Submitted by: Tom Tessin

Suppliers that fail to be ahead of regulations, standards, and consumer requirements can suffer in bringing up new automotive technologies to market.

In early days of auto industry, latest technologies tend to introduce in random manner, at times based on inventor’s whim or possibly even dream tinkerer had night before. Great Bentley brought in aluminum pistons in automobiles due to decorative piston shaped paperweight that he had seen! To men and women functioning in this area, vagaries that enclose successful new automotive technology introductions most likely seem wide open. For each technology that embraces, over 10 potential fresh ones are been discarded. Steam cooled engines, talking dashboards, plastic cylinder blocks, as well as high-temperature electric batteries are some of ideas, which sounds good at some point, however finished up on the industry’s discard pile.

In order understand forces at work — and huge investments that they make — means knowing four main drivers of the automotive technology achievement and failure. Those 4 drivers are:

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The robustness of technology platform: Accurately, is a technology market ready? Obstructions to robustness comprise lack of resources possessing properties needed, insufficient control plans to make thing work in a field, short of infrastructure to hold up invention, unproven construction processes as well as faulty and under-optimized product & process designs.

Many of obstacles to market readiness for new technology is related to lack of required control and pointer systems. The anti-lock brakes were foiled for years unless necessary sensor patterns and cheaply obtainable digital power caught up. Original ABS systems that was introduced by Hayes & Bendix in 1960s utlized analog PC systems, which had important performance, cost & dependability drawbacks — in some other words, they did not work very well! Ever more, robustness comprises of ability to net with industry wide standards when they evolve.

One more key “gating feature” for automotive technology is materials performance. Some designs developed in early days of automobile might succeed if materials were available with necessary performance properties. Key to Ford Model success and indestructibility need to do with the apply of molybdenum steel that was hardly at limits of the commercial feasibility until obsessed Ford drove the producers to build necessary developments.

Lack of transportation also constricts technology’s marketplace readiness. The major obstacles facing today’s substitute fuel technologies is a lack of fueling and charging stations for the natural gas and electric cars. Lastly, less than optimal basic pattern solutions have harshly inhibited latest technology robustness, in spite of soundness of an underlying pattern.

Entertainment & Convenience. The satellite radios allow drivers listen to favorite music and radio programming continuous across all over the country. Some also straight connect Mp3 player in stereo system. Some cars feature the DVD systems in order to keep the passengers calm. Moveable GPS systems are used in whatsoever car you are driving and phones can give maps as well as driving directions.

There is so many more technological advances that will happen in the future. Keep up to date with items as mentioned above by checking your local paper or even the Internet. Technology is a great thing.

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